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Event: October 6, 2018 at Hudson River Park, Pier 84
Team: Posh Pets Rescue
Fundraising Goal: $30,000.00
Goal Progress: 97%

$29,042.25 $30,000.00

2018 New York City Strut Your Mutt

You Do Not Have to be Perfect to be POSH
You Do Not Have to be Perfect to be POSH

Posh Pets Rescue



Thank you for visiting our Posh Pets Rescue's Strut Your Mutt Team page. Join us in raising money so we can continue our mission to rescue animals in need, temporarily care for them in our facilities or dedicated network and find them loving adoption matches.

Every day of the year Posh Pets Rescue works hard to help save the lives of animals.  This lifesaving work is only possible with your support, which is why we would love for you to join us during our 2018 Strut Your Mutt campaign!

Strut Your Mutt (SYM) will be our single largestmost important fundraising campaign of the entire year! There are ways you can help.  

Start your own team! - this is even better than donating directly. You can recruit donors to you. All proceeds roll up into our grand total. Your fundraising ability is magnified when you tap into your network of friends and family.  Click on the JOIN TEAM tab above.                                                                                                     

Join our team - the simplest and most direct way to help during our largest fundraising campaign of the year. Join our primary team by making a donation. Click on the DONATE tab above. Donations are tax deductible and each participating organization keeps all the money it raises (after transaction fees).

Can we count on you to help us continue to save the lives of animals?

Please visit our Strut Your Mutt Facebook Event page for all the latest news and find out about our best incentive with more to come.  Copy and Paste link.         


Thank you again for being part of Strut Your Mutt. Together, we will Save Them All.

About Posh Pets Rescue

Since 2006 Posh Pets Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless animals into loving homes. We believe that with the right match and support every pet and every pet parent can be Posh! Posh Pets is empowered by our network of caring foster homes, as well as our No-Kill shelter in Long Island and our Westchester adoption center. In addition, we host off-site adoption events at multiple New York locations through the use of our mobile adoption vehicle.

We believe that every pet, no matter the breed, age, origin or history, is worthy of a Posh life.  With the right match and support we can make this happen!





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