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Event: October 6, 2018 at Hudson River Park, Pier 84
Team: Rebound Hounds
Fundraising Goal: $45,000.00
Goal Progress: 106%

$47,835.00 $45,000.00

2018 New York City Strut Your Mutt

Waddlle & Strut with Rebound Hounds!  Pawject: SAVE THE WADDLE!
Waddlle & Strut with Rebound Hounds! Pawject: SAVE THE WADDLE!

Rebound Hounds


We need YOU on our team and need YOUR support for Rebound Hounds MORE THAN EVER!! Our budget has been severely diminished by low pledging, abolished grant programs and declining monthly donations. At the same time, the costs of vetting, spay/neutering & medical care have sky-rocketed. Training bills have also gone up too. And so we are faced with HIGHER COSTS and LESS DONATIONS to meet the need of saving shelter dogs facing euthanasia!

We have saved over 2300 DOGS who faced EUTHANASIA from shelters all over America! Pitbulls, Bully Breeds, Littles, Labs, Purebreds, Mutts, Puppies, Seniors, Medical Cases, Terminally Ill Dogs, Special Needs Dogs, Paralyzed Dogs, Fospice Cases, Behavioral Cases, Rehab Cases, Abused Dogs, Neglected Dogs, Injured Dogs, Sick Dogs, Pregnant Dogs— We have literally taken in them all and we continue to do so... BUT, WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MEET THE DEMAND!!

Please HELP US SAVE THEM ALL by either— Joining our team and fundraising with us. Or by Donating to our team or one of our teammates! It’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Donate Online, By Check, By Cash, or Email Us to discuss other ways to donate or to request a tax letter or anything else- ReboundHounds@Gmail.com

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED URGENTLY! It is the difference between LIFE and DEATH for shelter dogs facing euthanasia right now! We are incredibly GRATEFUL for the generosity and kindness of our supporters! You are amazing, together we have saved 2300 lives.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight for every voiceless soul, that needs a lifeline & the saving grace of a rescuer’s embrace.

Gratefully Breeding Love & Rescuing Dogs,

-The Rebound Hounds Team

Reboundhounds.org  |  Reboundhounds@Gmail.com  |  Facebook.com/Reboundhounds  |  Instagram.com/Reboundhounds
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