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TN: Brownsville, urge the city to repeal breed discrimination

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Let’s help keep people and pets together!

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Did you know that our city still has a discriminatory "pit bull" law on the books? This relic of a law is based entirely on myths. Worst of all, it’s not doing anything to keep us safe.

We know that the best way to create a safe and humane community is through dog-safety laws that focus on individual dogs and individual reckless owners. Now it’s our time to send that message to our elected officials and demand that they stand up for the property rights of the responsible dog owners, who just want to love their family pets.

Take action now by contacting the mayor and the city board. Politics is not a spectator sport.

Thank you for helping to Save Them All.


  • Alderman, Ward 4 Thomas Averyheart
  • City Clerk, Brownsville,TN Lisa Brooks
  • Alderman, Ward 2 Carolyn Flagg
  • Vice Mayor, Ward 1 Leon King
  • Mayor Bill Rawls
  • Alderman, Ward 3 John Simmons


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Dear [Decision Maker],

We all want Brownsville to be a safe and humane community. That's why our dog law should focus on individual dogs and individual owners.

Please consider repealing and replacing the city's antiquated law. It's time to make Brownsville discrimination free.

Thank you.