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NC: Robeson County, all puppies deserve a chance at adoption.

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Tell the county commissioners to amend the county shelter’s breed discriminatory adoption policy.

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Our local government recently adopted a policy at the county shelter that prohibits the adoption of “pit bull” pups to North Carolinians. We need your help in letting them know that this was the wrong choice for Robeson County and it needs to be changed.

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets alike. Unfortunately, breed-discriminatory policies like the one the county just adopted do nothing to achieve this goal.

Instead of making decisions based on a dog’s breed or appearance, our county should be treating the dogs in its care like the individuals that they are, assessing each dog based on behavior. That’s the formula for making our county safe.

Politics is not a spectator sport, so please act now to help us change this terrible new adoption policy.  Speak up for our dogs and let the county commissioners know that the new policy has to be changed.

Thank you for all you do to help us fight breed discrimination to Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident and voter in Robeson County, I am appalled at the new anti-adoption policy at the county shelter. The recent policy of prohibiting "pit bull" pups from being adopted will be costly, not only in lives but also in our tax dollars. The simple truth is that pit bull terriers are just as safe and gentle as any other dogs -- the scientific studies have proven it. It's time for the public to know the truth.

Making Robeson County a safe place for my family and our pets is a top priority for me, and I'm sure for you as well. That's why I urge you to amend the new county shelter adoption policy so it focuses on the behavior of every individual dog without scapegoating some dogs based on outdated myths and stereotypes. All good dogs deserve a chance.

Thank you for your consideration.