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IA: Sioux City, take action for our pet dogs.

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Tell your elected officials to stop wasting our tax dollars.

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Our city was recently sued over its ineffective breed-discriminatory “pit bull” ordinance. That lawsuit, coupled with the city’s enforcement of the outdated law, is costing us tens of thousands of wasted tax dollars. That’s money we should be investing in our schools, police and animal control services ― not on silly laws and lawsuits.

Please take action now and tell our elected leaders that it’s time to repeal this discriminatory law. Let them know that we all share the same goal of a safe and humane Sioux City for people and pets alike.

But don’t stop there. Please share this message on Facebook and Twitter with all of your Sioux City friends and family, and urge them to take action. The more of us that act the better our chances of success.

Thank you for everything you do to Save Them All.


  • Your Municipal Officials
  • Mayor Pro-Tem Dan Moore
  • Mayor Bob Scott


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a Sioux City resident and voter, I want to urge you to repeal and replace our outdated and discriminatory "pit bull" ordinance.

The time has come to make a change in Sioux City. Stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars and repeal and replace the discriminatory "pit bull" law.