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MO: Help save Florissant pets.

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Ask the city council to repeal its breed-discriminatory ordinance.

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Florissant residents, like other Americans, love their pet dogs. Indeed, responsible dog owners should be allowed to love and care for any breed of dog they choose. But that isn’t the case in Florissant, Missouri, where any dog that is arbitrarily deemed to be “pit bull” is at risk of being seized and banned from the city.

Breed-discriminatory ordinances fail to enhance public safety, are expensive to enforce, and violate the rights of responsible dog owners. 

Politics is not a spectator sport. We need your help to get rid of canine profiling in Florissant. Please take action today and send a letter asking the city council to repeal the city’s discriminatory law.  If you can, please attend a city council meeting and join the many Florissant residents who are speaking out against it.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

We all want safe and humane communities. As a Florissant resident, I ask that you repeal the breed-discriminatory ordinance targeting alleged "pit bull" terriers. The old ordinance is not only ineffective, but it is expensive to enforce and violates the property rights of responsible pet owners.

In America, responsible dog owners who follow safety rules should be able to own whatever breed of dog they choose. It's that simple.

Thank you for your efforts to repeal the breed discriminatory law and make Florissant a community where people with pets want to live.