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NM: Stand up for Conor's rights and his service dog

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Tell Tijeras to repeal their breed-discriminatory ordinance

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By now you’ve probably heard the heart-wrenching story of Conor Flanagan and the politicians in Tijeras who are trying to violate federal law and take away his service dog, Brewsky. Even though Brewsky and Conor are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the village still wants to enforce their misguided breed-discriminatory ban on pit bulls. That’s not only morally wrong, it’s illegal.

The ADA is clear in saying that federal law supersedes any local municipal breed-discriminatory ordinance, yet the village is insisting on violating this family’s rights. We need your help to stand up for Conor and Brewsky and let Tijeras know that this blatant discrimination will not be tolerated.

Please take a moment to contact the leadership in Tijeras and let them know that breed-discriminatory ordinances like this are the wrong way to promote public safety. Let them know that it’s illegal to discriminate against Conor and Brewsky and that their conduct violates the ADA and will lead to costly and unnecessary litigation.

Conor and Brewsky are counting on us, so please act now and share this message on Facebook and Twitter with your New Mexico friends and family.

Thank you for continuing to help us Save Them All.


  • City Councilman Jake Bruton
  • Mayor Gloria Chavez
  • City Attorney Frank Coppler
  • Mayor Pro Tem Felix Garcia
  • City Councilman Don Johnson
  • City Manager Diane Klaus
  • City Councilwoman Maxine Wilson
  • City Councilman David Wilson


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a resident of New Mexico and I urge you to stop threatening to violate the rights of Conor Flanagan and his ADA-protected service animal, Brewsky.

Please reconsider this illegal attempt to violate the ADA. The responsible residents of Tijeras deserve a safe and humane community for themselves and their pets, so please also consider repealing the breed-discriminatory ordinance against pit bulls that is causing so many of these problems.