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HI: Newly proposed Senate and House bills threaten outdoor cats

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Feral Cat

Newly proposed Senate and House bills threaten outdoor cats

Hawaii state legislators have introduced a group of bills that would threaten outdoor cats throughout the islands. This collection of harmful legislation violates private property rights, governmental transparency and due process.

House Bill 606 and Senate Bill 776 would expand government agencies’ ability to enter private property to “eradicate” cats, which are already listed as an “invasive species” by the state. And House Bill 904 would expand already broad discretion to apply lethal methods (“without legislative approval”) for managing outdoor cats under the pretense of an “invasive species emergency.”

These proposed bills are not only direct threats to cats—owned and ownerless alike—but will also have a chilling effect on sterilization programs used to effectively and humanely manage “feral” cat populations throughout Hawaii.

Hearings on these important pieces of legislation will be held this Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s critical that your elected officials hear from you before these hearings.

Unfortunately, these are not the only bills introduced this session that threaten the lives and welfare of outdoor cats. Best Friends will keep you informed and ask for your help to defeat any proposed legislation that threatens Hawaii’s cats.

Politics is not a spectator sport, so please take action today by sending an email directly to your representative and senator on these committees and ask them to oppose these bills. Phone calls are also very effective. You can use our online tool to find your state representative and senator.

Thanks! Together, we can Save Them All.



  • State Representative Calvin K.Y. Say
  • State Representative Ryan I. Yamane
  • State Representative Cynthia 'Cindy' F.W. Evans
  • State Representative Christopher 'Chris' K.C. Lee
  • State Senator Clarence K. Nishihara
  • State Senator Russell E. Ruderman
  • State Senator G. Mike 'Mike' Gabbard
  • State Representative Linda E. Ichiyama
  • State Representative Beth K. Fukumoto
  • State Representative Ty J.K. Cullen
  • State Representative Nicole E. Lowen
  • State Senator Gilbert 'Gil' R. Riviere
  • State Representative Samuel 'Sam' S. Kong
  • State Senator Karl A. Rhoads


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