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NM: Take action now to save homeless pets

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Ask your state senator to support funding for spay/neuter.

A new House bill, HB 123, would provide funding for New Mexico’s statewide spay/neuter program.  These funds are desperately needed to help lower the number of homeless dogs and cats killed in our state's shelters.

HB 123 recently passed the House of Representatives and will soon be debated in the Senate. It provides nearly $1 million per year to fund spay/neuter surgeries for communities that are most in need of these services. 

We know there will be a strong and well-funded push by the special interests seeking to defeat this legislation, so please take action now by contacting your senator. Urge lawmakers to support HB 123 and to vote “yes” to support the humane reduction of the homeless pet population in our state.

Don’t stop there! Once you have sent a message to your senator, please share this action alert on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media platforms. The more of us that speak up for homeless pets, the better our chance of success in passing this valuable legislation.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to support House Bill 123 to help fund the statewide spay/neuter program for dogs and cats. This lifesaving legislation passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, which speaks volumes about our state's commitment to reducing the number of homeless cats and dogs in our shelters.

This is a great opportunity to provide a much-needed service. HB 123 will save lives and help us reduce the number of homeless pets on our streets and in our shelters. Thank you for your consideration.