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Animal shelter transparency can save lives.

Did you know that right now, in Texas, animal shelters are not required to maintain any data about the pets in their care -- not even how many come in or how many make it out? Although some organizations are diligent about data collection, many others are not, and the data is rarely consistent from one place to another. We have an opportunity to change that!  

This lack of data is why we need House Bill 1916. HB 1916 is a shelter transparency bill that will give you, as a taxpayer or donor, insight into how the organizations are serving the homeless pets in your community. Just as importantly, it will give shelters and releasing agencies the information they need to target their scarce resources to where they’ll most effectively save lives.

HB 1916 makes it so that all organizations in the state will collect and report the same basic information. Best of all, the required record keeping can be done for free by utilizing the Shelter Animals Count website, which is the industry standard for data collection. That allows more resources to be devoted directly to the animals.     

It’s time for us to bring shelter transparency to our state so we can see how our local shelters are performing! Take action today by contacting your representative and let him or her know that that people have the right to know what is happening to the animals in their community.

And don’t stop there! After you have contacted your representative please encourage fellow Texans to speak up as well by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and your other social media platforms.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I hope that you support HB 1916, an important animal shelter transparency bill. Texans deserve to know how their tax dollars are being spent, and how the pets in their communities are being treated.

Please support HB 1916. Thank you for your support.