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DE: Your voice can save our pet dogs.

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Please ask Governor Carney to sign HB 13.

Great news! Your action has brought us one step closer to ending breed discrimination in Delaware. House Bill 13 has passed the House and Senate and is on Governor Carney’s desk, awaiting his signature. 

If it becomes law, HB 13 will make Delaware the 21st state to ban breed discrimination — a huge step forward for the rights of responsible dog owners and the pets they love.

Unfortunately, well-funded and powerful special interest groups from outside the state have done everything they can to stop HB 13. Now that we’re so close to having this bill become law, we know they’re going to make one last effort to defeat it, which is why your voice is so important. 

Please take action today and ask Governor Carney to sign HB 13 into law. Let him know that Delawareans know what’s best for our state, and that breed discrimination does not represent our values. 

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a Delawarean and I write to urge you to sign HB 13 into law. This bipartisan bill protects the property rights of responsible dog owners and the pet dogs they love.

Please continue to support HB 13 by signing it into law and making Delaware a safer and more humane state for people and pets alike.