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RI: Animal control officers should have professional training.

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Urge your state representative to professionalize animal control.

You can be a part of bringing industry standard training to the animal control profession. Surprisingly, current law doesn’t require our frontline animal control officers to have any standardized training. All that can change if House Bill 5477 is signed into law.

Under this important legislation, animal control officers would be required to undergo training to ensure that they’re working in the most ethical and humane way possible. Equally important, required training will lower our municipalities’ legal liability, which means communities can put more resources into saving lives and less toward expensive lawsuits. 

Please urge your state representative to support HB 5477 when it comes to the House floor. Let her or him know that the bill is a priority for you and a win-win for our communities and our pets.

Thank you for your continued support. Together we will Save Them All. 


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Please support HB 5477 for better animal services

Dear [Decision Maker],

Our animal control officers should be required to undergo industry standardized training. That's the common-sense thinking behind HB 5477 and the reason I hope you'll support the bill on the House floor.

Please support HB 5477 for our animals, for our animal control officers and for our communities.