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Take action today to stop breed discrimination in the Mile High City.

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets. Unfortunately, through the years Denver’s outdated breed discriminatory “pit bull” ban has done nothing to achieve these goals. In fact, the only thing this ban has accomplished is to tear families apart and kill innocent dogs. Indeed, Denver’s inhumane policy was mentioned in bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron’s new book, A Dog’s Way Home. The ordinance needs to change, and your voice will help get it repealed. 

In Denver, any innocent pet dog arbitrarily deemed a “pit bull” by animal control is banned. Americans don’t like breed bans; in fact, 84 percent of Americans believe that the government shouldn't be allowed to tell people what kind of dog they can own and love. 

Please take action today by contacting your elected officials and urging them to repeal and replace Denver’s outdated breed discriminatory ordinance that interferes with pet owners’ rights

Act now and be the voice for our dogs. You can also help increase our impact by sharing this message with your Denver Friends and family on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you. Together, we are fighting breed discrimination to Save Them All. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets. As a Denver resident, I'm asking you to repeal the city's antiquated breed discriminatory ordinance targeting "pit bulls." This inhumane ordinance and Denver animal control's arbitrary way of enforcing the ordinance was recently called out in bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron's new book, A Dog's Way Home. The ordinance is an embarrassment.

The ordinance is not only ineffective at promoting public safety, but it is expensive to enforce and violates the property rights of responsible pet dog owners.

In America, responsible dog owners who follow safety rules should be able to own whatever breed of dog they choose. It's that simple.

Please stop punishing responsible dog owners and innocent dogs. It's unconscionable .Repeal the pit bull ban and enact a comprehensive breed neutral dangerous dog law that focuses on behavior