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ME: Take action now to save homeless pets.

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Ask your state senator and representative to support funding for spay/neuter.

Great news! Your advocacy has put Maine on the verge of saving more pet dogs and cats by adding money to the state’s Companion Animal Sterilization Fund. Legislation was introduced that originally called for defunding this vital state service, but now you have an opportunity to ensure just the opposite.    

We called on you to speak out and let your elected officials know that cutting funding was the wrong choice for Maine. You answered that call in a huge way. And as a direct result the original legislation was not only amended to protect the fund, but language was added to increase the amount of money directed toward saving our pets.  

Now, Maine’s cats and dogs need your voice again. Please ask your state senator and representative to support LD 1601

Don’t stop there. Share this message on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media platforms. The more voices that speak out on this issue, the better our chances of success will be.  

Thank you for helping us to Save Them All. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to support LD 1601 to help fund the statewide spay/neuter program for dogs and cats. This lifesaving legislation has strong bipartisan support, which speaks volumes about our state's commitment to reducing the number of homeless cats and dogs in our shelters.

This is a great opportunity to provide a much-needed service and to save our state money. LD 1601 will save lives and help us reduce the number of homeless pets on our streets and in our shelters. Thank you for your consideration.