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CA: Del Mar, we can put an end to puppy mills.

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Urge your representatives to enact a retail pet sales ordinance.

Puppy mills are a serious problem in the U.S. These facilities, which supply nearly all retail pet stores that sell animals, are cruel and inhumane factories where profit takes priority over the comfort and welfare of the animals.  

Although these breeders are subject to regulation, their standards fall far short of ensuring a humane life for the dogs in their facilities. Unsuspecting buyers of pet shop puppies often end up with pets afflicted with serious health conditions that create financial and emotional burdens for the purchasers, and lead to many of these innocent pets being surrendered to our overcrowded, taxpayer-subsidized shelters. 

Fortunately, the Del Mar City Council will soon vote on an ordinance that would prohibit pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits ― unless they come from shelters or rescue groups. If approved, this measure will help put an end to the suffering experienced by countless animals in substandard breeding facilities, and will help reduce the overpopulation that contributes to unnecessary killing in our shelters. 

If you are a Del Mar resident, please take action to let your representatives know that it’s time for your city to join more than 235 communities that have enacted similar ordinances. 

Thank you for speaking up for animals. Together, we can Save Them All.


  • Council Member Dave Drucker
  • Council Member Elie Haviland
  • Council Member Sherryl Parks
  • Mayor Terry Sinnott
  • Deputy Mayor Dwight Worden


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a proud resident of Del Mar, I respectfully urge you to enact an ordinance to restrict the retail sale of inhumanely bred dogs, cats and rabbits, many of whom end up in our overcrowded, taxpayer-subsidized shelters.

I urge you to support this important reform to protect pets, consumers and taxpayers in Del Mar by enacting a retail pet sales ordinance.