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Ask Gov. Rauner to sign SB 1261.

Great news! Thanks to your action, the Illinois state legislature recently passed a bill that would consider the best interests of a pet in determining custody of the pet in divorce cases. Now we just need Governor Rauner to sign this humane measure. 

In Illinois, like many other states, pets are considered property to be distributed between divorcing spouses. But Senate Bill 1261 would change that by giving judges much-needed discretion to consider what is in the best interests of the pet. This will ensure that pets can live out the rest of their lives in the most appropriate home, rather than running the risk of winding up in our overburdened shelter system. 

Enacting this progressive, pet-friendly measure will secure Illinois’ status as a leader in the animal welfare movement.

Time is running out, so please take action today. Politics is not a spectator sport, so please send an email to Gov. Bruce Rauner, asking him to sign SB 1261 into law. Phone calls are also effective. Governor Rauner’s phone number is 217-782-0244

 Thanks! Together, we will Save Them All. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to sign SB 1261 into law.

Please support judicial discretion and help save tax dollars and lives by signing SB 1261 into law.

Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.