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OH: Mansfield dogs need your voice!

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Urge your representatives to treat all dogs as individuals.

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets. Mansfield’s outdated breed discriminatory “pit bull” ban does not enhance public safety. We commend Mayor Theaker for drafting a breed neutral dangerous dog law, and now is the time to urge the Public Safety Committee to adopt it at its meeting on July 25

Currently in Mansfield, any pet arbitrarily deemed to be a “pit bull” is banned, even if the dog has done nothing wrong. That's something that 84 percent of Americans disagree with, including the Fifth District Court of Ohio, which held that breed discriminatory ordinances violate state law. This decision is binding upon Mansfield, and it’s time for the city to come into compliance to avoid further litigation and waste tax dollars.

Please take action today by contacting your local representatives and urging them to repeal the outdated, discriminatory ordinance and adopt the draft ordinance put forth by Mayor Theaker. Innocent pets s shouldn’t be punished when they have done nothing wrong. The focus should be on the behavior of the dog and the behavior of the owner.

Thank you. Together, we are fighting breed discrimination to Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets. As a Mansfield resident, I'm asking you to repeal the city's antiquated breed discriminatory ordinance targeting "pit bulls" and adopt the breed neutral ordinance drafted by Mayor Theaker. As a result of the Ohio Fifth District Court's recent decision, Mansfield's ordinance is now violative of state law.  Keeping the ordinance would simply result in further litigation and a waste of tax dollars.

In America, responsible dog owners who follow safety rules should be able to own whatever kind of dog they choose. It's that simple, and the Fifth District Court of Ohio agrees.

Please stop punishing responsible dog owners and innocent dogs. Please repeal and replace the current breed discriminatory law and instead enact a comprehensive breed neutral dangerous dog law that mirrors Ohio's general law.