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KS: Stand up for Smoky! Responsible dog owners shouldn't have their pets seized.

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It’s time to end breed discrimination in our city.

Did you hear about Smoky? He’s the loving family dog recently seized by the city for allegedly looking like a “pit bull.” His story and the stories of all the other family pets torn from their loving homes is exactly why we need your voice. It’s past time for the city to repeal Salina’s breed discriminatory “pit bull” ordinance.

We all share the same goal: a safe and humane Salina for people and pets alike. The problem is that the breed discriminatory “pit bull” law is totally ineffective. It also violates the rights of responsible pet owners and its enforcement costs our city a ton of tax dollars.

It’s time for us to take action and demand that our elected officials repeal and replace our antiquated law. Urge your elected officials to repeal this discriminatory law and replace it with a breed-neutral ordinance that focuses on the behavior of the dog and the behavior of the owner.

Don’t stop there. Share this message on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family in Salina. The more messages sent, the better our chances for success will be.

Let’s be the voice for Smoky and all the dogs in Salina.


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Please protect our property rights: Repeal our antiquated breed discriminatory law

Dear [Decision Maker],

As I'm sure you've heard, a pet dog in our community, Smoky, was recently taken from his family because of the way he looks. He is a loving family pet, but he was seized because the city bureaucrats arbitrarily deemed him a "pit bull." Pets are members of our family. This horrible story of government overreach perfectly illustrates why the time is right to repeal and replace the city's antiquated breed discriminatory "pit bull" ordinance.

Please stand up for our community, for pets like Smoky and for the countless responsible dog owners who want to see our law changed. Repeal our antiquated breed discriminatory law.

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