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IL: Madison County humanitarians, speak out today.

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A lack of humane policies is killing our pets

Many of you read about the tragedy in July at Madison County Animal Control when the wardens killed puppies and dogs that Partners for Pets and Metro East Humane Society wanted to save. Unbelievably our county animal control has no job descriptions, no performance evaluations and no standard operating procedures. There is no qualified supervisor there to ensure humane conditions or initiate policies to increase lifesaving. 

To make matters worse, our animal control ordinance is antiquated and needs updating. Indeed, St. Clair County and Alton recently amended their ordinances to improve lifesaving. With your voice we can demand similar humane changes. Please email the county board members below.

Politics is not a spectator sport so spread the word. In addition to emails, calls work wonders so please call your county board member and leave a message. Politely state that you expect action to get our county to no-kill.

With your help and the help of your friends we could become the first county in Illinois to go no-kill by saving 90 percent of the dogs and cats we take in. Our pets are counting on you.

Thank you for your action.


  • Your County Officials
  • County Board Member - District 3 Philip Chapman
  • County Board Member - District 28 Elizabeth Dalton
  • County Board Member - District 13 James Futrell
  • Jamie Goggin
  • Judy Kuhn
  • County Board Member - District 5 Mick Madison
  • County Board Member - District 14 Tom McRae
  • County Board Member - District 2 Donald Moore
  • County Board Member - District 7 Michael Walters


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you and your fellow county board members to act to implement much-needed humane reforms at Madison County Animal Control. The needless killing of the puppies and dogs that Partners for Pets and Metro East Humane Society wanted to save in July show that a culture change is desperately needed in order to fulfill the bipartisan no-kill resolution recently passed by the county board. It is clear the employees are disrespectful of the county board's wishes.

Thank you for your consideration in this important matter. The sooner the board acts, the more confident your constituents will be that we are indeed on the road to achieving no-kill. With your action, we could become the first no-kill county in the state.