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NH: Ask your state legislators to support HB 1309 for our pets

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Cat adoption

Help give our pets a second chance.

House bill 1309 will give dogs and cats in our state a better chance of being adopted or, if they’re lost, being reunited with their owners. Under current law, nonprofit and municipal shelters are prohibited from bringing pets younger than eight weeks old into the state. There’s also no requirement that they have a microchip scanner to help them reunite lost pets with their owners.

Both of these problems will be solved if HB 1309 is signed into law, which means more dogs and cats will be saved and more families will be reunited.

Act now and let your state representative and senator know that you support HB 1309, and that they should, too. Also ask them to contact the House Environment and Agriculture Committee members to support the bill when it comes before them.

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Thank you for being the voice for our pets and for your tireless work to Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent and a supporter of HB 1309, I hope that you will help get this bill signed into law.

Please support HB 1309 and ask your colleagues on the House Environment and Agriculture Committee to support it when it comes before them on February 6.