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RI: Let's put puppy mills in the past.

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Urge your state senator to support H. 7477

Great news! The state legislature is considering a lifesaving bill that would prohibit pet stores from selling dogs and cats ― unless they come from shelters or rescue groups. 

If enacted, House Bill 7477 will help put an end to the suffering of countless animals in substandard breeding facilities, and will help reduce killing in our shelters. 

Americans have made it clear that they do not support puppy mills. That’s why more than 250 cities and counties throughout the U.S. (as well as the entire states of California and Maryland) have already passed laws to ban the retail sale of puppies from inhumane breeding mills. And now Rhode Island is poised to do the same. 

Please take action today by urging your representatives to vote YES on H. 7477.

Thank you for speaking up for animals. Together, we can Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a proud resident of Rhode Island, I respectfully urge you to support H. 7477, which will restrict the retail sale of inhumanely bred dogs and cats, many of whom end up in our overcrowded, taxpayer-subsidized shelters.

I urge you to protect pets, consumers and taxpayers in Rhode Island by voting yes on H. 7477.