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WA: Speak up to end breed discrimination in Yakima.

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Urge city council to treat all dogs as individuals.

Since 1987, the city of Yakima has had an antiquated breed discriminatory “pit bull” ban on the books that fails to promote the public safety goals we all share. Instead, it punishes innocent dogs and responsible owners. Our community deserves a comprehensive dog law that holds irresponsible owners accountable while also protecting the property rights of those with well-behaved dogs. Today, you have the chance to help ensure that these needed changes come about.

On Tuesday, March 20, Yakima City Council will vote on repealing its ineffective and discriminatory ordinance. It’s past time to replace the “pit bull” ban with a common-sense, breed-neutral law that focuses on the behaviors of both the individual dog and the individual owner. Now is our chance to let our elected leaders know that we reject discrimination and support laws that will promote public safety and personal responsibility.

Take action today to let the council know that the time for change is now. Let the councilmembers know that the current law infringes on our property rights, wastes our tax dollars, is completely ineffective at promoting a safe and humane Yakima, and is the wrong choice for our city.

Don’t stop there. Share this message on Facebook, Twitter and all your other social platforms. The more Yakima residents who take action, the better our chance of success will be.

Thank you for speaking up. Together, we are ending breed discrimination to Save Them All. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of Yakima, I urge you to vote to repeal the city's ineffective and outdated breed discriminatory "pit bull" ban.

Please listen to the countless Yakima residents who say the time is right to repeal the breed discriminatory "pit bull" ordinance and replace it with a common-sense, breed-neutral law focused on public safety.