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TX: Help save dogs in Copperas Cove

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Right now, pet dogs are at risk of languishing in the local animal shelter because of an antiquated policy that prevents them from being adopted by responsible pet owners. Copperas Cove Animal Control’s  policy of refusing to a adopt out innocent chows, pit bull terriers, Rottweilers, or similar breeds to individuals who would like to give them loving homes is simply unfair. As a result, countless pets are being held for prolonged periods, depleting the already limited resources that the city can allocate for animal control. What’s more, residents wishing to adopt these breeds must go to other shelters rather than the one their tax money supports. This inhumane and outdated policy must change. 

Politics is not a spectator sport. The dogs need your help today! Please contact your local officials to let them know that this unfair policy must be changed.


  • Council Member Kirby Lack
  • Council Member Jay Manning
  • Sgt. Kevin Miller
  • Council Member David Morris
  • Council Member Marc Payne
  • Council Member James Pierce Jr.
  • Mayor Frank Seffrood
  • Council Member Daniel Yancey
  • Council Member Charlie Youngs


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a Copperas Cove resident and constituent, I urge you reverse your unfair policy that prevents countless well-behaved dogs from being adopted from our animal shelter.

Please reverse the breed adoption ban today. By working together we can ensure that every loving pet receives a loving home.

Thank you for your consideration.