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MA: Take action to help save homeless pets.

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Ask your state representative to help fund the Mass. Animal Fund

You can help save homeless pets today! As the House budget makes its way through the legislative process, Amendment 954 has been filed to allocate $100,000 to the Massachusetts Animal Fund.

The fund is used to pay for vaccinating and sterilizing homeless cats and dogs and the pets of low-income Massachusetts residents. Unfortunately, there is always more demand for these services than there is money to distribute, so adding $100,000 will bring lifesaving services to pets throughout the commonwealth. That’s a win-win for Massachusetts and the cats and dogs we love.

Your action in 2017 helped get this same amendment included in that year’s budget – $100,000 to save lives. The results of that increased funding are measurable and incredible: A total of 704 additional cats and dogs were sterilized, saving countless lives in nearly every community in our state.

Please take action today by asking your state representative to cosponsor Amendment 954. Phone calls are effective as well, and you can find your legislator’s name and contact information here.

Time is of the essence. The House budget process will be finalized soon, so please act now and be the voice for our state’s pets. You can also increase the impact of your action by sharing this message on Facebook, Twitter and your other social network platforms.

Your action today will help Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to cosponsor Amendment 954 to the House budget. This lifesaving amendment will allocate $100,000 to the Massachusetts Animal Fund. A similar amount was included in last year's budget, and that money provided for the sterilization of an additional 704 cats and dogs in communities across the commonwealth.

Please support our state's cats and dogs and the people who love them. Cosponsor Amendment 954 today.