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NJ: Speak up for dogfighting victims.

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Urge your senator to support Senate Bill 1923

Unfortunately, New Jersey is one of 10 states left with an outdated law on the books that stigmatizes victims of dogfighting. This law requires puppies and dogs seized from convicted dogfighters to be deemed “vicious” or “potentially dangerous,” which could take away their chances for finding a home. The good news is that legislation has been introduced to remove this stigma, as well as the subjectivity of declaring a dog “vicious” or “potentially dangerous.” Today is your chance to help ensure that this lifesaving legislation becomes law.

Senate Bill 1923 would give municipalities the opportunity to evaluate each dog as an individual. Laws that create sweeping presumptions about dogs simply based on their past do nothing to promote public safety. It’s time for New Jersey to update its law so that it’s consistent with the vast majority of the nation and promotes safe and humane communities throughout our state.

Take action today by urging your senator to support this bill with a “yes” vote.

Thank you for speaking up. Together, we are ending discrimination against dogfighting victims to Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to support S 1923. New Jersey is one of just 10 states still with an outdated law on the books that stigmatizes victims seized from dogfighting rings. S 1923 would remove this presumption and ensure that the focus is on the individual dog and safe, humane communities.

Five states in the past six years (California, Wisconsin, Delaware, Rhode Island and Florida) have deleted similar provisions with strong bipartisan support and without opposition. It's time for New Jersey to do the same.