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MO: Be the voice for Eureka's pet dogs.

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Urge your officials to treat all dogs as individuals.

The pet dogs of Eureka need your voice. The city council is debating whether to repeal its outdated breed discriminatory “pit bull” ordinance, and its members need to hear from constituents like you that now is the time to take this lifesaving step.

We all want a safe and humane city for people and pets. Unfortunately, the current ineffective law isn’t doing anything to help reach this goal; rather, it’s tearing families apart and increasing the number of pet dogs needlessly killed in our shelter.
Take action now and let your elected officials know that you support the effort to repeal and replace this discriminatory law with a breed-neutral dangerous dog law that focuses on the individual dog and the individual owner.
This is going to come down to numbers. The more Eureka residents who stand up and speak out on behalf of our dogs, the better our chance of success will be.
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Thank you for your support and for your voice. Together, we will Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a Eureka resident and I urge you to repeal the city's outdated and ineffective breed-discriminatory "pit bull" ordinance.

It's time for our city to reject discrimination and stand up for responsible dog owners and the pets they love. We are counting on you to protect our property rights. Please vote to repeal the breed-discriminatory ordinance.