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USA: Pets in disasters need your voice.

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Urge your congressperson to cosponsor the PET AID act.

Today, you can help pass a critical piece of legislation that will save the lives of animals.  

HR 6131, the PET AID act, ensures that any entity receiving FEMA money in times of disaster must count and account for all pets entering shelters.     

We all remember hurricanes Harvey and Katrina and how traumatic they were for the residents impacted by these super storms. On top of that, the fact that countless people were also separated from their pets further compounded the loss and suffering. While some organizations on the ground (such as Best Friends) aided the disaster relief and did everything possible to rescue and reunite lost pets with their people, far too many dogs and cats were still unaccounted for.   

One simple measure that could dramatically help save lives in such situations would be the keeping of accurate and transparent records that include the number count and identification of pets entering animal shelters, especially when natural disasters strike. This common-sense approach informs the public on how many animals are taken into a shelter and their outcomes (adoption, transfer, etc.). This is a practical and ethical solution for everyone involved — the shelters, the pets and the community.   

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that would require transparency for organizations receiving taxpayer dollars from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to care for pets. The Pet Emergency Transparency and Accountability in Disasters act (PET AID) will save the lives of countless pets by ensuring that shelters maintain complete and accurate data for every animal entering a shelter (at no cost to the shelter).   

Take action now. Contact your congressperson and urge her or him to cosponsor HR 6131, the PET AID act.   

After you’ve sent your message, please share this on Facebook, Twitter and your other social platforms. The more messages we send to our elected officials the better our chances will be of getting this legislation signed into law.  

Thank you for taking a moment on behalf of dogs and cats and for being a part of this work of love. Together we will Save Them All.


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Please co-sponsor H.R. 6131

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to support and cosponsor the recently introduced Pet Emergency Transparency and Accountability in Disasters act (PET AID) (H.R. 6131). This bipartisan legislation will save the lives of countless cats and dogs during federal disasters by bringing transparency to the shelters caring for animals in our community during these chaotic times.

The PET AID act offers an opportunity for Congress to work together in a bipartisan way to help pet cats and dogs and the people that love them. I respectfully ask that you support this lifesaving legislation by adding your name as a cosponsor.