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UT: Logan's homeless pets need your voice.

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Speak up for no-kill animal sheltering.

Contract talks between Logan City and Cache Humane Society broke down last week, leaving Logan City’s lost and homeless animals without a safe place to go. Today, they need your voice.

Cache County is the largest in Utah without a government-run facility to provide sheltering services for dogs and cats in the community. Cache Humane Society has taken on the burden of providing this service for as many communities in the county as possible, including Logan — the largest city in the county.

Logan city officials proposed compensating Cache Humane Society roughly $1.33 per animal, per day entering the shelter. But that amount isn’t enough to allow Cache Humane Society to provide the high level of care that the shelter is committed to in order to maintain its no-kill status.

Please take action today by emailing Logan Mayor Holly Daines and the City Council to let them know that maintaining no-kill is a priority in your community, and that you want to see the city continue its partnership with Cache Humane Society. Better yet, consider attending the next city council meeting at 5:30pm on August 7 at 290 N 100 W. and lending your voice to this lifesaving cause.

Thank you for speaking up. Together, we can Save Them All.


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Please renew the contract with Cache Humane Society

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a proud resident of Logan, I am committed to no-kill animal sheltering.

Cache Humane Society finished 2017 with a save rate of 93%, and remains a no-kill leader in the state. I urge you to prioritize no-kill animal sheltering for Logan and renew the contract with Cache Humane Society.


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