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MA: You did it! PAWS II is now the law

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New protections will save the lives of our dogs

You did it, Massachusetts! Thanks to your many E-Mails and phone calls to Governor Baker asking him to sign PAWS II, the bill is now law. That’s a testament to your advocacy!

As you may recall, PAWS II adds a lot of different protections for animals, but one key element is that it removes the outdated provision from our law that mandated that all dog-fighting survivors be automatically killed. Now, those dogs will have a second chance at a life with a family like they deserve. There’s also exciting new language in the law that requires insurance companies to collect and report data on dog-related incidents. We’re confident that this data will help set the stage for ending breed discrimination in the insurance industry once and for all.

Please act one more time by sending a message to Governor Baker thanking him for his support of the law. Let’s let him know that his signature did not go unnoticed and that it was most appreciated, especially since there were interest groups around the state that pressured him for a veto.

Thank you again for your voice in helping to get PAWS II signed into law. Together, we are fighting breed discrimination to Save Them All.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for your support and signature on the PAWS II legislation. As an animal advocate, I appreciate that we have you as a strong voice for our pets, especially our cats and dogs.

Thank you again for your continued support for our pets and for signing PAWS II into law. I look forward to working with you to help pass more animal-friendly laws moving forward.

Thank you,