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NJ: It's time to protect dogfighting victims.

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Urge the speaker and General Assembly to stop delaying S1923.

Despite passing the Senate unanimously, legislation to remove New Jersey’s outdated law that requires puppies and dogs seized from convicted dogfighters to be classified as “vicious” or “potentially dangerous” is stalled in the Assembly. Assembly Speaker Coughlin needs to hear from New Jersey residents like you that this lifesaving bill is a priority and needs to be scheduled for a vote as soon as possible.

New Jersey is one of just nine states with an outdated law on the books that stigmatizes victims of dogfighting. Senate Bill 1923, the result of years of work and collaboration between numerous animal welfare groups and stakeholders, will remove this stigma and allow each dog to be evaluated as an individual.

Take action today by urging assembly Speaker Coughlin not to delay any longer in posting Senate Bill 1923 for a vote, as is and with no further amendments, and by urging your assemblymembers to ask him to do the same.  

Thank you for speaking up. Together, we are ending discrimination against dogfighting victims to Save Them All. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of New Jersey, S1923 is a bill that is important to me, and therefore I urge you to please prioritize this lifesaving legislation. The Senate passed S1923 unanimously, but the bill is now stalled in the Assembly.

In the past six years, the states of California, Wisconsin, Delaware, Rhode Island, Florida and (just a few months ago) Massachusetts have deleted similar provisions with strong bipartisan support and without opposition. It's time for New Jersey to do the same. Please support S1923 by asking leadership to move it through the Assembly.