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NM: Take action now for homeless pets.

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Best Friends Legislative Alert

Ask your state senator to support funding for spay/neuter services.

Last year, in response to action alerts like this one, you stepped up and made sure your voice was heard in support of lifesaving legislation in New Mexico. As a result, a bill that would have add much-needed funds to New Mexico’s statewide spay/neuter program was passed by the legislature. Unfortunately, it fell short of receiving the governor’s authorization, but this year, you have another chance to push this important legislation across the finish line.

Far too many cats and dogs are being killed in New Mexico shelters. Thankfully, legislation has been filed in the Senate that will help save more lives. Senate Bill 367 will expand spay/neuter opportunities for the pets of low-income New Mexicans, thereby reducing the unwanted pet population while increasing lifesaving. That’s a win-win for New Mexico!

Though we were close to victory last year, we anticipate yet another strong push by wealthy special interests to defeat this legislation this year. This is why it is crucial that you take action now by contacting your senator. Urge lawmakers to support SB 367 and vote “Yes” to supporting spay/neuter for the homeless pet population in our state. 

Don’t stop there! Please share this message on Facebook, Twitter and your other social media platforms. The more of us that speak up for homeless pets, the better will be our chance of passing this valuable legislation. 

Thank you for speaking up. Together, we will Save Them All. 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I urge you to support Senate Bill 367. If passed, this bill will give a desperately needed boost to the statewide spay/neuter program for dogs and cats and help low-income New Mexicans who need these services the most.

States that have passed similar laws are already seeing benefits. More cats and dogs are being sterilized, thereby reducing the number of animals entering overburdened and underfunded municipal shelters. That's a win-win that we need in New Mexico.

SB 367 offers a common-sense solution to a troublesome problem in our state. This bill will save lives and help us reduce the number of homeless pets on our streets and in our shelters. Thank you for your consideration.


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