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Help end breed-based discrimination in the insurance market.

All dogs are individuals yet responsible dog owners are being denied homeowners and renters insurance all over the country.

Except for in Michigan and Pennsylvania, insurance companies are currently allowed to deny coverage, drop a paying customer, or charge higher premiums based solely on a pet’s breed — regardless of that pet’s actual behavior. Owners of many common dog breeds (and mixed breeds) are impacted, including German shepherds, boxers, huskies, and Great Danes.

Best Friends is supporting various state bills (in Illinois, Massachussetts, and New York, currently) that would prohibit these breed-based insurance practices, but we need your help. Industry lobbyists are telling legislators that getting insurance "isn't an issue" for dog owners and we know that is simply not the case. Breed-based discrimination is happening and we need your personal examples to prove it. 


SHARE YOUR STORY: Use the space below to describe a time you've been denied, dropped, or charged more for homeowners/renters insurance due to the appearance or breed of your pet dog(s). 

Please be specific: include a description of your dog(s) and insurance company names.


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