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OH: Help attract and retain lifesaving veterinarians

Urge your state senator to support House Bill 67.

Right now, there is a nationwide shortage of licensed veterinarians — but Ohio has a chance to attract and retain more vets by passing an important bill.

House Bill 67 provides an equitable, fiscally responsible and meaningful approach to addressing animal care needs in our communities. It would encourage veterinarians to provide charitable veterinary services — including spaying and neutering — in exchange for student debt assistance.

This legislation will help attract and retain employment of veterinarians in Ohio by providing needed resources to help alleviate their heavy burden of student debt. In exchange for debt assistance, participants would provide charitable veterinarian services to nonprofit animal rescue groups, humane societies, and government shelters.

Passage of this legislation will help reduce animal homelessness, increase access to veterinary care, and help veterinarians themselves build sustainable careers. Please ask your senator to support HB 67 today.

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Please support HB 67

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I ask you to support HB 67. If enacted, this bill will help attract and retain veterinarians in our state. There is a nationwide shortage due to the high average debt load of becoming a veterinarian, but we have an opportunity to help both the pets and people of Ohio with this bill.

Please support HB 67. Thank you for your consideration.


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