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IL: Help stop puppy mill sales in Chicago

Ask the City Council to prevent pet stores from abusing the law.

In 2014, Chicago passed an ordinance to prohibit pet shops from selling dogs, cats and rabbits, unless they were obtained from a shelter or rescue group. But after the law went into effect in 2015, pet stores began exploiting a loophole in the ordinance.

Pet stores simply started partnering with fake rescue groups to continue to sell commercially bred pets imported from out-of-state puppy mills. This tactic is deceiving the public and obstructing the primary goal of the ordinance, which is to reduce the number of animals dying unnecessarily in Chicago’s shelters.

Fortunately, the City Council is considering a new ordinance that will close this loophole, fully banning puppy mill sales in Chicago pet stores once and for all. 

TAKE ACTION: Urge your Chicago alderperson to vote YES on the proposed pet sales ordinance.

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Please close the pet sales loophole

Dear [City Council Member],

As your constituent, I respectfully ask you to support an ordinance to prohibit the retail sale of inhumanely bred dogs, cats and rabbits, many of whom end up in our overcrowded, taxpayer-subsidized shelters.

Please protect Chicago's pets, consumers and taxpayers by voting YES on the proposed retail pet sales ordinance. Thank you.


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