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Find the tools and resources you need to become an effective advocate for pets in your community. We'll expand this list as more tools become available. Are there resources you’re not seeing that would be helpful? Let us know.

Resources to Help You Get Started

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Use the following resources to learn how to become an effective advocate for animals, driven by data and community support.

Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit
Anyone can advocate for pets as long as they are willing to learn, listen, and connect with others. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to advocate for the changes your community needs to reach and sustain no-kill. Download the toolkit (PDF 4.25 MB) » 

Pet Lifesaving Dashboard
This tool will help you understand your shelter's progress toward no-kill, and shine a light on areas in need of support. Learn how your community is doing »

Community Support Resources

How to Organize Support in Your Community
In a crisis, it's important for a community to pull together. It often takes just one person to start mobilizing support. This guide has suggestions for getting started, and links to additional helpful resources. Read more »

Develop a Pet Preparedness Plan
Simple but important steps pet owners can take to ensure their pet’s health and safety in the case of a personal emergency. Complete the template for yourself then share with other pet owners that you know. Read more »

Share Animals Inside Signs
If you know of people in your neighborhood with pets, consider sharing these 'Animals Inside' signs. Having these signs posted tells first responders there are animals inside that may need to be helped. Download signs »

Distribute Community Kindness Cards
Inspired by the #ViralKindness movement, these cards include options for helping neighbors with their pets. If you are healthy and looking for a way to support your community while maintaining social distance, print some out! Download the cards and instructions »

Contingency Plans for Community Cat Caregivers
The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder that we all need to have a plan in place for how our pets will be cared for in the event we become unable to do so. Here are some tips and resources for caregivers of community cat colonies. Read more »

Expand Your Network to Broaden Your Reach
When we create partnerships outside of the traditional animal welfare audience, we can make a stronger, more sustainable impact on pets and people. Here are tips for connecting as many people as possible to valuable information and pet resources while constantly expanding your network of kind, community-engaged citizens. Read more »

Policy and Resource Guides

Municipal Guide for Lifesaving Policies
A resource for advocates and animal welfare professionals alike, this guide provides more details on the policies that help save more lives. Download the guide (PDF 1.7 MB) »

Pit Bull Terrier & Breed Discrimination Resources Check out our comprehensive resource library containing information to fight breed-discriminatory legislation (BDL). Read more »

Community Cat Resources
Help stray and free-roaming cats in your neighborhood. Find resources about trap-neuter-return (TNR) and learn how you can start a community cat program in your community. Read more »

Puppy Mill Resources
Learn how you can help shut down puppy mills and help put an end to large-scale dog breeding operations. Read more »

Action Team Designations
Action teams can achieve a designation of bronze, silver, gold or platinum based on the policy accomplishments in their communities. Find out what it takes to become a platinum team. Read more »

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