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Thank you for stepping up to be an active force for homeless pets in your community. If you haven’t already done so, join the 2025 Action Team and become part of an exclusive group of people dedicated to saving the lives of animals.

Ready to get started helping animals in your community? Here are some places to start:

what are your goals

Identify your goal

What are you trying to achieve in your community? Learn how to gather data to better understand what your community needs to achieve and sustain no-kill.

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form your team

Form your team

No one individual or organization can save homeless pets alone. Discover how to work with all of the different stakeholders in your community to create a local movement.

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act locally

Work locally

Learn how you can support a lifesaving animal ordinance in your community and how to build public support for this change.

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gathering signatures

Rally support

Getting support is crucial for creating change. Learn how to create an effective petition-gathering effort so you can educate others in your community and build momentum.

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expand your team

Expand your network

Consider expanding your team of supporters. This article will help you build your network and strengthen connections with other people who share your goals and interests.

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use social media

Get social

Social media and other online communities can be a powerful way to build momentum and educate a wide array of people. Here's how to support your online advocacy efforts using social media.

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