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2018 Strut Your Mutt

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June 18: Registration opens (all events)

Sept. 8: Atlanta

Sept. 15: Austin, Kanab

Sept. 22: Portland, St. Louis

Sept. 29: Jacksonville, Minneapolis/St. Paul, San Francisco

Oct. 6: DC Metro, New York City

Oct. 13: Houston, Salt Lake City

Oct. 20: Los Angeles, Phoenix

Dates/locations are subject to change

A walk in the park

A walk in the park that saves lives

Strut Your Mutt is a nationwide dog walk and fundraising event that raises money to help save the lives of homeless pets. Donations raised through the event fund adoption programs and spay/neuter services throughout the country and ultimately help reduce the number of pets entering our nation’s shelters. Because all participating groups are part of the Best Friends Network, they keep 100 percent of the funds raised to support their lifesaving efforts.

Help save the lives of more homeless pets in your community and throughout the nation by signing up for 2018 event updates and registration.

Interested in learning more about how your organization can be part of Strut Your Mutt? Learn more here.

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We are sorry, there are no events near you. New this year! Join us for Strut Your Mutt Day and help us Save Them All no matter where you live!

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