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VT: Pet dogs need your voice!
House Bill 416 will end breed discrimination in Vermont.
AR: North Little Rock, take action to help us save pet dogs!
It's time for our city to end breed discrimination.
CA: L.A. County, take action now for our county's animals.
Help us save the cats and dogs of Los Angeles County.
DE: Your voice can save our pet dogs.
Please ask Governor Carney to sign HB 13.
FL: Health department's scare tactics jeopardize TNR efforts.
Tell Gov. Scott that Florida Department of Health should change feral cat policy.
HI: Senate and House bills threaten outdoor cats.
HI: Senate and House bills threaten outdoor cats.
IA: Council Bluffs, take action to help us save pet dogs!
It's time for elected officials to treat all dogs like the individuals they are.
IA: Sioux City, take action for our pet dogs.
Tell your elected officials to stop wasting our tax dollars.
ID: University of Idaho's campus cats still in jeopardy.
Urge the U of I administration to adopt a TNR program.
IL: Community cats need your voice.
Community cats are being threatened by the Department of Natural Resources.
IL: Your action needed to help save dogs and cats!
Ask Your representative for local control of pet population funds.
MA: Please take action to protect pets and consumers.
Urge your representatives to support S. 1155/H. 1080.
MA: Take action to help save homeless pets.
Ask your state representative to help fund the Mass. Animal Fund
ME: Help protect Maine's Companion Animal Sterilization Fund
Tell your senator and representative to oppose LD 1601.
MI: Oakland County residents, community cats are in danger.
Tell county elected leaders that community cats matter.
MO: Help save Florissant pets.
Ask the city council to repeal its breed discriminatory ordinance.
MO: Help save pet dogs TODAY!
House Bill 905 will end breed discrimination in Missouri
MO: Help Save Springfield Dogs.
Be the voice for our city's pet dogs.
MO: Poplar Bluff, take action to save innocent family pets.
Help us fight breed discrimination in Poplar Bluff today!
MO: Urgent! Your voice needed to help save Missouri dogs.
District 5: will you spare 30 seconds to stop breed discrimination?
NC: Lumberton -Take action to save our dogs.
Tell your city leaders that all dogs are individuals.
NC: Robeson County, all puppies deserve a chance at adoption.
Tell the county commissioners to amend the county shelter's breed-discriminatory adoption policy.
NJ: Dogs in puppy mills are counting on you.
Urge your representatives to override Governor Christie's veto of S. 3041.
NM: Stand up for Conor's rights and his service dog
Tell Tijeras to repeal their breed-discriminatory ordinance
NM: Take action now to save homeless pets
sk your state senator to support funding for spay/neuter.
NV: Clark County residents, we can put an end to puppy mills
Urge the county commission to enact a retail pet sales ordinance
SC: Spartanburg Co., thank Council for protecting cats.
County council voted in favor of a community cat sterilization program.
TN: Brownsville, urge the city to repeal breed discrimination
Let's help keep people and pets together!
TX: Ask Your Rep. to Support Shelter Transparency!
Urgent action needed for TX pets
TX: Speak up to save pets' lives.
Animal shelter transparency can save lives.
UT: St. George residents, you can help stop the cruelty of puppy mills today.
Urge the city council to enact a retail pet sales ordinance.
VA: Help stand up for Virginia's cats and dogs
Urge your state delegate to support "Molly's bill."
WI: Help make Abbotsford a safe and humane community today!
Tell the city officials that all dogs are individuals.

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