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Support pet-friendly legislation. Select an alert relevant to where you live and fill out the contact fields with your info.
Note: Where applicable, a personalized email will be sent to the decision maker(s) on your behalf.

AR: Save innocent dogs in Hot Springs
Urge city officials to allow all breeds to be adopted.
MA: End breed discrimination in housing and insurance markets
Ask your Massachusetts legislators to support lifesaving bills H. 1038 and H. 1037/S. 595.
MA: Speak up for companion animals
Urge state legislators to support a ban on retail pet sales.
MA: Speak up to save cats and dogs
Urge the Governor to reject dangerous MDAR regulations.
MD: Stand up for Prince George's County pets
Urge county officials to repeal the discriminatory and ineffective breed ban.
NC: Survivors of dogfighting need your help
Urge your senator to vote YES on HB 878.
NC: Urge your senator to vote YES on HB 808
Support the humane transfer of dogs and cats in North Carolina.
NM: Help save cats in Roswell
Urge the City Council to adopt lifesaving changes.
NV: Protect Washoe County pets and consumers
Urge your representatives to enact a retail pet sales ordinance.
OH: Protect cats and caretakers in Garfield Heights
Urge the City Council to repeal ineffective feeding ban.
OK: Tulsa, act now to save community cats
Tell the City Council you support trap-neuter-return.
PA: Take action for companion animals
Help end puppy mills. Urge Pennsylvania state legislators to support SB 44 (Victoria's Law).
UT: Keep puppy stores out of Draper City
Urge your city council to protect pets and consumers.
Westwego, LA: Don't let the city council criminalize kindness!
Oppose the proposed ban on feeding community cats.
WI: Take action to stop puppy mills
Urge state legislators to vote YES on Wisconsin Assembly Bill 298.
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