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Support pet-friendly legislation. Select an alert relevant to where you live and fill out the contact fields with your info.
Note: Where applicable, a personalized email will be sent to the decision maker(s) on your behalf.

USA: Help end breed discrimination in military housing
Urge your U.S. representative to support breed-neutral language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
CA: Help save pets in shelters with SB 1347
California residents: Urge your assembly member to support SB 1347, as passed by the Senate.
Chicago Ridge, IL: Support the Humane Animal Shelter Ordinance
Chicago Ridge residents: Use your voice to protect pets in shelters. Urge the Board of Trustees to adopt the Humane Animal Shelter Ordinance.
GA: Protect Cobb County cats!
Urge county leaders to support your Community Cat Program.
IL: Help stop puppy mill sales in Chicago
Chicago residents, ask the City Council to prevent pet stores from abusing the pet sales law.
MA: End breed discrimination in housing and insurance markets
Ask your Massachusetts legislators to support lifesaving bills H. 1038 and H. 1037/S. 595.
NC: Survivors of dogfighting need your help
Urge your senator to vote YES on HB 878.
NC: Urge your senator to vote YES on HB 808
Support the humane transfer of dogs and cats in North Carolina.
NM: Support important changes for dogs and cats in New Mexico
New Mexico residents: Ask decision makers to preserve access to foster care and other lifesaving measures.
NY: Help end breed discrimination in homeowners insurance
New York state residents: Urge your elected officials to support Assembly Bill 723 and Senate Bill 4286.
OH: Help attract and retain lifesaving veterinarians
Ohio residents: Ask your senators to support HB 67, creating the Veterinarian Student Debt Assistance Program.
OK: Tulsa, act now to save community cats
Tell the City Council you support trap-neuter-return.
PA: Take action for companion animals
Pennsylvania residents: There's still time to stop puppy mills! Support Senate Bill 44 ("Victoria's Law") today.
VA: Support TNR for Virginia cats
Virginia residents: Urge the House of Delegates to support House Bill 1727, creating protections for community cat caretakers.
WV: Act now to help end greyhound racing
West Virginia: Urge your elected officials to support Senate Bill 285, putting an end to wasteful subsidies for an inhumane industry.
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