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In 2008, 22 dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. No other shelter would take them as they were considered to be a danger to society and not able to be rehabilitated. Under the care of Best Friends, the Vicktory Dogs thrived. Many of them found loving homes, and the remainder have spent their lives at Dogtown, getting the love and care they deserve from its volunteers.


"We took the 22 dogs that the world said weren't OK, and they all have been OK. They’ve shown the world that if you offer love, if you accept them for who they are and treat them as individuals, you’ll see their true potential.”


Here is the link if you want to read up on the legacy of the Vicktory Dogs:



Get tissues. I cry every time I read it.


Please donate so that they can continue to rescue animals in need and provide them with safe, loving homes. 


P.S. if you buy me a wedding gift instead of donating, I'm going to return the gift and donate the money, and be grouchy that I had to go to a store to return something. 



Sophia and Ben


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