In memory of Sandi Eason

A gift in memory honors a lasting bond and is a tangible way to honor the enduring love we have for our pets long after they’ve passed. You not only pay tribute to a beloved pet or person, but you also are supporting the work of Best Friends and helping homeless pets get the love and care they need to thrive while waiting for forever families of their own.
That's why I created this fundraiser: Let's make every shelter and every community no-kill by 2025!
In 2022, around 378,000 dogs and cats were killed in our nation’s shelters just because they didn’t have safe places to call home. But people like you are changing that.
Best Friends is leading the no-kill movement by running lifesaving community programs for dogs and cats, providing support and training for animal shelters and rescue groups, and mobilizing community members on behalf of pets in need across the country.
20% raised of $500 goal