I have made a promise that I intend to keep .......
I have made a promise that I intend to keep .......


June 26th 2019. Six months ago we lost Bitey. Whilst life goes on for us all her passing has left a huge hole in mine. She was unique. We were family in our hearts with as much love as laughter on our many adventures.The Obi-Wan to my Luke, the Joan to my Melissa, tech consultant, media addicted & usually the person you said to before you introduced some people "Now, be nice"! She was many different things to different people, totally multi-dimensional. You could be a facebook friend & know nothing about her ( not even her real name) but one common denominator that everyone who reads this will know, she truly loved animals & made it her mission to help them. Around now we should all be seeing our annual reminder for her Rescuzilla fundraiser "Strutt your Mutt", you know that polite post ..... 'JUST GIVE WHATEVER YOU CAN - FORGO THAT COFFEE WITH 17 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BARISTA' she was passionate about animals, from Aracnoids to Elephants.

As per her wishes there was no formal memorial. Only her nearest & dearest knew how ill she was. I was left a (very) specific set of instructions of where her ashes would go ( & typically Biitey, they were far from straight forward & very well travelled) she had a preference for 'Rainbow Bridge' rather than heaven, but she's on a journey now not even she could have dreamt of. As we made " The List" last year & the draw of her kind donators was made I remember her regret that she was not going to be able to fundraise the next year. "Well *that* SUCKS' was one of the printable exclamations. ( Our friend would have been 65 this year, 10 days before the NYC Strutt your Mutt. I would love it if she broke her own fundraising record.

So for all the advice, music, watchables, IT assistance, favors, presents ....... including the unforgetable presence she was in your life, let's give back.

Since it was founded in 1984, Best Friends Animal Society has helped reduce the number of dogs and cats killed in shelters nationwide from 17 million per year to about 800,000. That's incredible progress, but it means nearly 2,200 dogs and cats are still being killed in America's shelters every day, simply because they don't have safe places to call home. That number should be zero. And if we work together, it can be.

When you donate in memory of Bitey/Vapors/MaryJane/ST, you'll be helping around 1,600 dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses, and other barnyard animals who on any given day reside at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Plus, you'll be helping to save the lives of homeless pets all across the country through lifesaving adoption and spay/neuter programs, no-kill initiatives, and more.

Thank you for donating to help save animals' lives. ( .......... you can just imagine her nodding in agreement, can't ya )

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