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Gillie- "bright promise"
Gillie- "bright promise"

Rescue Haven Foundation

Since 2013, Rescue Haven Foundation (formerly known as The FernDog Rescue Foundation) has participated in an annual event called Strut Your Mutt NYC, and this year is no exception! Best Friends Animal Society generously puts on this event, in an effort to bring awareness to the plight of pets in shelters. Best Friends estimates that 5,500 homeless pets are killed DAILY in shelters across this country; ranging from young healthy pets due to a simple lack of space to house them, to pets experiencing medical issues and a lack of funds to treat them. Although we attempt to help all dogs in need, Rescue Haven has earned a reputation for taking on extremely challenging cases, both behaviorally and medically. We often help the dogs that many rescues would turn their backs on; the dogs that would have no other chance at life. We are a haven amongst rescues, truly earning our name, saving dogs that would almost certainly become a tragic statistic.

Meet Gillie:
We recently took in a one year old dog we named Gillie. He had caught the attention of Rescue Haven Foundation volunteers after he was dumped by his owner at a New York City Animal Care and Control Center. He was surrendered extremely emaciated, weighing in at 23 pounds of the ~40 he should have weighed. His paws were extremely infected, as he dragged them due to unknown medical issues. Not only did Gillie have painful hip dysplasia, but he also had generalized bone pain that was causing extreme discomfort.

While our medical team and volunteers spent time determining the cause of Gillie’s ailments, he showed us nothing but affection and sweetness, gently kissing our team as they tended to his wounds. We finally received the devastating news that our Gillie had advanced distemper virus, that had no cure. Despite our interventions, Gille’s health took a turn for the worst and we lost him to this devastating disease; a disease that a simple puppy vaccination would have prevented.

To Rescue Haven, the list of medical issues is not who this dog was. The name Gillie means “bright promise”, a pact we make with each and every dog that enters our care. As saddened as we are by our loss of Gillie, we will not be discouraged to continue taking in these high risk cases, because there is always a chance… for a better life. Even though we had Gillie for a short time, he passed with dignity, grace and a family that surrounded him with love.

All donations we receive go directly to our medical fund and help give dogs like Gillie a second chance, even if it means it might be their final chance. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation that will enable us to not only continue our mission in helping other at-risk dogs, but allow dogs like Gillie to escape a death sentence, and have a chance to be a beloved family member living the life that each and every dog deserves.

Suggested Donation Amounts:
$20- Vaccines
$50- Medicine
$100- Spay/Neuter
$500- X-Ray
$1000- Life Saving Surgery

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Event: October 7, 2017 at Hudson River Park's Pier 26
Team: Rescue Haven Foundation
Fundraising Goal: $18,500.00
Goal Progress: 88%

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