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It’s time for Strut Your Mutt San Francisco and we are so excited to be participating again! Not only does everyone have a ton of fun, but more importantly, we raise funds for veterinary expenses so all the foster dogs can go on to find loving forever homes.

Our goal this year is $5,000 and with your help we know we can get there. Your support and your confidence in us keep us doing this life-saving work! 


Last Minute Challenge Match!

Wow, Colleen is offering a $500 challenge match - when we get to $4,500, she will donate the remaining $500 to meet our goal!

If we reach our goal before the conclusion of Strut, we'll stretch to add $1,000 to our total so that we can completely cover all of Franny and Ellsie's  veterinary expenses.


Update to Team Total

We are pleased to announce that we will be receiving $1,270 in workplace giving donations. arriving after the conclusion of Strut (will not be reflected in our Fundraising Progress bar or total). So just add $1,270 to the official Strut total above to get our actual total!


Help Franny and Ellsie - a mom and her daughter

Brace yourself, their story is distressing. Spoiler alert - it is heading towards a happy ending!

In June we were contacted about some dogs in the rural area of the Sierra Nevada foothills. A woman was losing her home and could no longer keep them. Could we help?

Meet Franny and Ellsie. Franny is the mom, she’s about 5 years old. Ellsie is the adult pup, about 3 years old. They’ve never been vaccinated. Never been to the vet. Tied up all their lives. Scared of people. Scared of being touched. Scared of other dogs. Lived outside their entire lives. Not spayed.

Yes, we could help. They came into our foster program at the end of June and their first stop was a vet visit for a thorough check-up and spay surgery. But wait, not so fast. Their heartworm tests came back positive. Yes, both of them are heartworm positive. As you may know, heartworm treatment is a lengthy and expensive process. Their spays will need to be delayed. They won’t be ready for adoption until November. They have a long road of medicines, injections, and cage rest in order to safely recover from this easily preventable disease.

But thanks to your help, they are on the road to recovery. They are safe in their foster homes, where they are beginning to learn the finer things in life - sleeping indoors, being petted by loving people, getting plenty of food and love!

Please help Franny and Ellsie get the treatments and medications they need by donating to our NorCal GSP Rescue team!

Why we need YOUR help

In 2016, we spent over $77,000 on direct dog care - veterinary visits, surgeries, medications, supplies. Veterinary care costs continue to increase, especially in California. You make a vital difference in getting Franny, Ellsie, and other dogs like them the care they need.

How YOU can help 

  • Join our NorCal GSP Rescue team! Click on the Join Team button above. You’ll be able to fundraise via your own fundraising page and strut with us on September 30. You can join our team even if you can't attend!
  • Invite everyone you know to join our team! The more the merrier!
  • Support a Team Member! Select any Team Member from the Team Roster (on the top right) and make a contribution to their efforts.
  • Donate to our team! Click on the Donate button above, then make a donation to the team.
  • Share, share share! Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and NextDoor. Contact friends and family and ask them to support our cause to help homeless GSPs - they can support you, a team member, or make a donation for our team. All donations and registration fees are tax-deductible and come back to NorCal GSP Rescue.

Special Incentive just for NorCal GSP Rescue! 

Huge thanks to Heidi and John for offering a special incentive match to fire us up! Once our team reaches $3,500 in funds raised, they will donate $500! That’s right! Help us get this special match to earn that $500 and push us closer to the goal!        This match was FULFILLED on 9/25/17!!

Here's what YOUR generous donation can do:

     $5 = Five days of pain medication
     $10 = Flea treatment for 2 dogs
     $25 = Seizure medication for 4 months
     $75 = Basic blood panel
     $50 = Vet visit or heartworm test
     $100 = Vaccinations for 4 dogs
     $150 = Dog food for 3 months
     $250 = Spay & pain meds
     $500 = Dental cleaning
     $1000 = Emergency vet visit
     $2000 = Heartworm treatment protocol
     $5000 = Orthopedic surgery (knees, hips, spine, shoulders)
     $50000 = Fund vet visits for a year!


Dogs that have recently been helped by kind donors like you:

Rally, who had extensive medical and behavior needs; Brownie, whose ringworm was the worst case his vet had ever seen; Sunny, a senior dog needing a general tune-up; Gauge, who had multiple mast cell tumors removed; Watson, who needed orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation therapy; Samantha, who was heartworm positive; Lillian, who is living out her days comfy and spoiled in her forever foster home; and many many more! 

A bit about us:

NorCal GSP Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID 26-0129307 and our organization keeps 100% (minus transaction fees) of the money raised through Strut Your Mutt San Francisco!

NorCal GSP Rescue's all-volunteer team loves GSPs and wants to make sure that all GSPs in need in Northern California have forever homes. Our mission is to help those unwanted GSPs at risk of death in shelters find caring and loving permanent homes. We don't just take the young and healthy dogs; we take the old and the ill dogs to give them the second chance they deserve. We also educate the public about the breed, assist owners in problem-solving, and provide rehoming advice.

Check out our website at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Welcome to the NorCal GSP Rescue team fundraising page!

Event: 9 am - 1 pm at Little Marina Green
Team: NorCal GSP Rescue
Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Goal Progress: 86%

$4,299.00 $5,000.00

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