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Thank you for visiting Animals-R-Family's Team page. We’re raising money to help end the killing of pets in America’s shelters. 

When 14-year old Emma was dumped at a rural high kill shelter after a life of neglect, she thought she would be killed there, unwanted and unloved.

Emma had spent her entire life living outside. At night, she curled up in a dirt hole to sleep. She had never been to the vet. She was denied basic care, attention and love. 

The Dodo did a story on Emma:

Emma’s destiny was changed due to animal lovers like you who supported us, so that we could rescue Emma.

Emma requires medical attention due to her years of neglect, but we are able to provide it, thanks to generous individuals like you who donated to us.

Emma is in a foster home, learning what it means to be a dog who sleeps inside on her very own dog bed, surrounded by love and cuddles. She is the sweetest, most loving and gentle pooch. She does not want to let her foster family out of her sight for fear she will be abandoned alone outside again.

We really need your support to be able to recue more dogs like Emma. We take the dogs other rescues will not… the senior dogs with medical issues. It takes funds to be able to rescue them and provide veterinary care.

Please support us with a donation so that we can rescue more dogs like Emma.

Together, we can Save Them All.

Thank you for your support!

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Welcome to the Animals-R-Family team fundraising page!

Event: October 7, 2017 at Hudson River Park's Pier 26
Team: Animals-R-Family
Fundraising Goal: $8,000.00
Goal Progress: 93%

$7,400.00 $8,000.00

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