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Princess is Co-Captain of our team, she is a homeless Staffy-Mix, who lives at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. Princess is a very special little girl, who richly deserves a better life. Surrendered by her owner over a year and a half ago, she is a senior girl and that reduces her chances for adoption. Although we have a 94% adoption rate for our dogs, there are those that just get overlooked, no matter how hard we try to feature them to potential adopters. Princess is one of those special souls. Maybe her first family couldn't or wouldn't keep her because of restrictions from their new landlord, but I will let her tell you the story:

My name is Princess and my buddies at the shelter asked me to tell you about the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, where we are all living right now. We all came to the shelter for different reasons. Some of us were wandering the streets and our families never came for us. Some us were surrendered by our families because they couldn't keep us anymore. My family gave me up to the shelter on March 3, 2016 because they were moving and said they couldn't keep me. I was very sad, because they were my family and they left me, but the people at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society were all so nice to me and made me feel loved. They gave me special attention, they dresssed me in warm comfy sweaters and gave me soft comfy blankets. The nice people in our clinic took good care of me too, they knew I was a mature girl and they made sure I was healthy and strong.

I am the Co-Captain of our Strut Your Mutt Team 2017 and I am hoping that you will join us in raising money for the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society so they can continue to help the homeless pets of the San Gabriel Valley by building new kennels. Our kennels are about 30 years old and they are worn out. The kennel doors are rusted out and some are just too unsafe to use! Whether you join our team or donate to our Team or members, your donation will make a measurable difference in my life and the lives of the dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets in our shelter. I will be Strutting my stuff in Los Angeles along with other dogs from the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society in hopes of finding that special person who will take me to my forever home. I've been at the shelter for over a year and half and, as much as I love my caregivers, I would love to be back in a family again - I miss that.

We really need you to join our team and help us raise funds and make more dreams come true! Did you know we are an open admission shelter, which means don’t pick and choose the pets who come to stay with us and we don't euthanize for population control. Some of our pets have been in the shelter as long or longer than Princess. Earlier this year, a little Chi-mix named Shenzi went to her forever home after staying in the shelter for two full years! I don't want Princess to stay at the shelter one day longer than she has to!

Please join us either by registering for our team or donating to our team or one of our team members. Your donation is tax-deductible and our shelter keeps all of the money we raise at Strut Your Mutt. You don't need to walk a dog at the event in order to help. You can walk with me or another shelter dog or just walk - or don't walk at all, and just donate. If it wasn't for nice people like you, I know our little Princess wouldn't be healthy and happy and ready for her forever home, in fact, maybe she wouldn't be here at all.

Together, we can make a difference, thank you for your support!

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

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Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society team fundraising page!

Event: October 21, 2017 at Exposition Park
Team: San Gabriel Valley Humane Society
Fundraising Goal: $40,000.00
Goal Progress: 27%

$10,763.00 $40,000.00

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