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Saving One Sato at a Time
Saving One Sato at a Time

Animal Lighthouse Rescue



Our sister shelter in Puerto Rico, El Faro de Los Animales, was hit hard by Hurricane MARIA.  The damage to Humacao, where our shelter is located, is extensive. Most roads are completely washed out and power lines are scattered everywhere. Luckily, the shelter was mainly evacuated, but it is too unsafe and damaged for staff to return and bring the animals back. As of now, El Faro is unable to provide a safe place to stay. With no roof, no terraces and no electricity, the team is limited in what they can do. The little communication we have received tells us it is a total disaster zone. We will update this page with all the info we get, as it comes in. For now, please stand with us in remaining hopeful that we can rebuild.


We are Animal Lighthouse Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of satos.

What is a Sato?

Sato is slang for stray dog in Puerto Rico. Satos are usually small to medium sized island dogs that are highly intelligent, healthy and quick to bond with those who give them affection. 

Why Adopt a Sato?

There are an estimated 250,000+ dogs living on the streets in Puerto Rico. Locals don’t have a lot of patience for these “pests” and at best ignore them. If a sato happens to end up in one of the local shelters they aren’t there for very long. Puerto Rico’s euthanasia rates are around 95% (vs only 15% in NYC) and unfortunately because of the excess of dogs everywhere there are almost no adoptions. Despite the conditions, the satos are remarkably happy and friendly dogs. 

Our shelter, El Faro De Los Animales,located on the eastern side of Puerto Rico, is a no-kill sanctuary for dogs and cats. We take animals off the streets, provide medical care and get them to the tri state area for adoption. Here in New York we have a network of volunteers that help care for the dogs once they arrive.  

We continue to require funds to support our operations.  Below is what various dollar amounts will help us do:

  • $10 Buys a new leash & martingale collar
  • $25 Pays for a month's worth of food for one our dogs!
  • $50 Vaccinations for one dog
  • $100 Sponsor a freedom flight for one lucky pup! Open up a spot in the shelter for anoth pup from the street!
  • $250 Covers an ordinary vet visit and a freedom flight.  And opens up another spot in the shelter!
  • $500 Emergency medical care
  • $750 Sponser vet visits and flight for 3 pups!
  • $1,000 Sponsor a happy tail! Covers dog from initial rescue to forever home! Foster will be named after you!
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Welcome to the Animal Lighthouse Rescue team fundraising page!

Event: October 7, 2017 at Hudson River Park's Pier 26
Team: Animal Lighthouse Rescue
Fundraising Goal: $15,000.00
Goal Progress: 126%

$18,917.00 $15,000.00

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