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CA: Support a lifesaving budget for dogs and cats in shelters

California, urge your state legislators to support the Governor’s California for All Dogs & Cats proposal. Not a California resident? Click here.

On January 10, as a small part of a larger state budget, Governor Newsom announced a plan to invest $50 million over five years to help save the lives of more dogs and cats in California.

This investment in homeless dogs and cats, and the shelters that serve them, will provide much-needed resources so no dog or cat has to die simply because they don’t yet have a place to call home.

However, this budget proposal isn’t a done deal. In order for that money to go to shelters that need it, the proposal needs the support of the California state legislature. And in order for that to happen, elected officials need to hear from you!


TAKE ACTION TODAY: Let budget committee members know you support Governor Newsom’s California for All Dogs & Cats proposal.

Send a personalized message to your state legislators below. The Senate and Assembly Budget Committee Chairs are copied as well.

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Please support Gov. Newsom's California for All Dogs & Cats proposal

Dear [Decision Maker],

I wholeheartedly support this budget proposal and as your constituent, I hope you will support it as well.

I hope you will support this groundbreaking initiative to create a California for All that includes the dogs and cats so integral to our state's families and communities.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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