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IL: Help stop breed discrimination by insurance companies

Urge your state legislators to support Senate Bill 2462.

All dogs are individuals. Yet responsible Illinois dog owners are being denied homeowners and renters insurance coverage simply because of the breed or appearance of their family pet. And for those who do find a company willing to cover their pet, the rates can be higher. 

Insurance companies are currently allowed to deny coverage, drop a paying customer, or charge higher premiums based solely on a pet’s breed — regardless of that pet’s actual behavior.

The range of dog breeds affected by these discriminatory practices is staggering; the list includes boxers, German shepherds, Great Danes, Akitas, American bulldogs, Rhodesian ridgebacks, Siberian huskies, Doberman pinschers, Dalmatians and Australian cattle dogs just to name a few.

Senator Linda Homes has introduced Senate Bill 2462 to prohibit this discrimination. If enacted, insurance companies will no longer be permitted to arbitrarily deny, cancel, fail to renew, or charge an increased premium for homeowners or renters insurance based on the breed or appearance of a pet dog.

TAKE ACTION: Ask your state legislators to support SB 2462 today.

Fill out the contact form below then edit/revise your personal email to legislators via the "Personalize your message" box. Add your own experiences with breed discrimination in the insurance market if applicable.

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Please support SB 2462. Our communities are safest when dogs are viewed as individuals and responsible pet ownership is rewarded, not penalized.

Thank you.


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