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2019 Salt Lake City Strut Your Mutt

Rescue Rovers

Thank you for visiting Rescue Rovers Strut Your Mutt page!

Strut Your Mutt isn't just a dog walking event. It's not even mostly a dog walking event.
What it IS is our largest annual fundraiser. In fact, it's really our only annual fundraiser!

The special thing about Strut Your Mutt is the number of people in the community it reaches. Strut shines a light on dog rescue that's almost magical in it's scope.

Rescue changes lives. Hundreds of them. Thousands.
Rescue Rovers is just 6 years old, and in that time we've saved over 10,000 dogs. Ten. Thousand.
We're so proud of that number. We're so honored to be a part of a life change for 10,000 dogs and their families. Talk about magical!

This year, our Strut Your Mutt theme is "How Rescue Changes Lives"
Each of our volunteers with their own Strut Your Mutt page will be talking about the impact Rescue has made on their own life. And maybe sharing the story of a foster dog who's life has been changed by Rescue Rovers, too.

Our goal is to raise as much money as possible. Every dime you donate goes directly to saving more dogs. And your money works HARD with Rescue Rovers. We can stretch a dollar like nobody’s business, ensuring that as many dogs as possible benefit from your donation.
Your contribution will go directly to things like spay and neuter, vaccinations, behavioral rehabilitation and more serious medical intervention.

10,000 dogs is an amazing number. But we’re not satisfied. We’re going to double that number in the next 5 years. Triple it in 10. We’re not done.
We need your help. Donate today to help us meet our goal of $15,000. Any amount will help.
If you’d like to walk with us you can sign up for just $15, and that gets you a t-shirt and goodie bag! Or you can donate any amount, big or small, and stay at home on the couch, knowing that you saved lives. Like a boss.

Save lives with us. Change lives with us.
Rescue Rovers is a 501c3. Your donation is tax deductible.

Arianna's Story

We’re raising money to save the lives of more dogs like Arianna.
Arianna was first seen by a meter reader on her rounds. She had an injury to her back legs, which the meter reader thought was a result of being hit by a car. For 5 months she tried to talk the owner into letting her take the dog, and finally they said okay. She was a last-minute add to our transport, and a foster stepped up to save her life in just the nick of time.
When she came to us Arianna was in rough shape, medically. Open sores from dragging herself around. Foxtails pushing into her skin. Mattes in her fur making her horribly uncomfortable. A raw patch on her neck from god knows what.
Arianna went to the groomers the very next day after transport to see what could be done for her. They tried to get her brushed out, but there were too many mats and foxtails so the decision was made to shave her. They also wrapped her poor scrapped up paws, which seemed to have no feeling at all. Even though she did not like the bath at all, she is not a fan of water, she was a real sweetheart for the almost 2 hours it took to get her cleaned up.
She settled right in to her foster home. Her foster mom was a little worried about logistics, but quickly found that Arianna has an independent spirit and expects to handle her own business! Going down stairs was no problem for her and she greatly preferred to get where she wanted on her own rather than be carried.

Arianna is making amazing progress. She’s been on antibiotics for some time now, as she has an infection throughout her body, likely a result of the original, untreated injury as well as all the foxtails, etc. She’s been outfitted with some wheels, and uses them like a pro now. She still has that independent spirit and seems to prefer NOT using the cart, but it’s definitely the best way for her to get around in certain situations. Her foster is working with her to increase the amount of time she wears it.
The most incredible thing is that Arianna is using her back legs more and more. She’s still very shaky, but she’s determined to maneuver herself into a standing position and has actually taken a few steps. The original injury is too old for us to “fix” now, but who knows how far Arianna’s determination will take her! Our next step is to fit her with leg braces that will help keep her feet flexed in the hopes that she’ll be able to take more steps.
Arianna is truly an amazing girl! She absolutely loves being outside, rolling around in the grass, watching and listening to everything going on. She is always so alert, and her ears perk and turn to get every sound.
You’d think a dog who’s partially paralyzed would be easy to keep track of, but she can be a little speed demon when she wants to go somewhere or doesn’t want to get picked up and taken into the house. Once she was especially playful and when her foster mom went to pick her up she took off across the rock pathway and driveway, foster mom had to run to catch her! After that she started tethering her so she could spend more time outside, watching the world.
If you happen to walk by Arianna’s foster home and she’s outside, you’ll know it! She loves to bark at passers by, hoping they’ll come over to say help. Visitors get all the kisses ad love they can handle – Arianna just eats up any attention she can get.
She is happy, full of life and just wants to love and be loved.

This beautiful girl was so very deserving of rescue! We’re so honored to be a part of her rehabilitation, and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here.
Help us save more dogs like Arianna by donating to our Strut Your Mutt campaign. Every penny comes directly to Rescue Rovers and is used to save more dogs.

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Best Friends, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, operates the nation's largest sanctuary for homeless animals; provides adoption, spay/neuter, and educational programs.

© 2019 Best Friends Animal Society. All Rights Reserved.

Best Friends, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, operates the nation's largest sanctuary for homeless animals; provides adoption, spay/neuter, and educational programs.